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Make Success A Habit (7 Habits of Successful People That Anyone Can Copy)

Everyone has their own definition of ‘Success’ but being ‘successful’ or achieving a positive outcome is something we all aspire to at one time or another. Whether it be making money, becoming famous, enjoying more holidays and family time, more security or a combination of these, success equals achieving our own desired result. Have you ever wondered though, how some people seem to achieve everything they aim for, sometimes seemingly, with little effort?
Based on over twenty- five year’s working with people and businesses, I have established that these people have seven habits in common, and by incorporating these you too can significantly improve your own chances of success in all areas of life.

Successful People:
1. Put Themselves First – they know the importance of investing in themselves by looking after their health, eating well,                 sleeping well and making time for their friends and families.
2. ‘Keep Their Map Book Open’ – they know where they are going and how to get there, but they appreciate that                                circumstances could mean the   need to change direction. They always have a ‘Plan B’.
3. Spend Less Than They Earn – However little they can spare, successful people always set something aside for a rainy day.
4. See ‘Feedback’ not ‘Failure – Sometimes things don’t go according to plan but successful people learn from their mistakes,        treat problems as  opportunities and keep going.
5. Know When and HOW to Say No – Taking on too much and becoming overwhelmed is one of the most common reasons           for dissatisfaction or unhappiness in all aspects of life. Being able to say ‘no’ without burning bridges, leaves you with more       time to focus on the things that matter to you.
6. Apply the 80:20 Principle – That is, they direct their effort and energy to the 20% of things, that make an 80% difference to      their lives.
7. Believe in Themselves – as Mahatma Ghandi once said ‘people often become what they believe themselves to be’ Believing       that you are a success can be the first step towards achieving it.

How much you achieve is down to you but the single most important key to success is taking action. So, don’t just read about these habits, start developing them today and start getting the life that YOU want.

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